Microfilm in its various formats continues to play a vital role in all forms of information management and records management, particularly where archival permanence or legal admissibility are critical business needs.

MicroFormat has long advocated that whilst microfilm is commonly perceived as an old-fashioned, outmoded and somewhat inappropriate technology in today's fast-moving electronic world, it will continue to play a vital role where long-term information retention is demanded.

Indeed, many national archives see microfilm as a transitional, surrogate medium upon which the original material is recorded for long-term storage and for subsequent duplication either to further microfilm copies or electronic format.
MicroFormat provides microfilming services such as 16mm and 35mm rollfilm, aperture cards and microfiche to an extensive commercial client base; this includes large-format plans.

We are considered to be the largest microfilming bureau in the UK, cementing our place as one of the only document management and conversion companies that can truly offer a complete service in all areas of document management.

MicroFormat is able to offer a complete solution to scan and index your microfilm records and return them in appropriate format so that they fit into your existing electronic document management system.
If you do not have an existing EDM solution, we are happy to assist you in developing and supplying a system that meets your requirements.

MicroFormat can also convert from one format to another; 16mm, 35mm, microfiche, CD, DVD, and if required back to full-size hard copy reproductions on a wide variety of materials.

Microfilming of your valuable records for either long term retention, or no matter what the requirement, still remains the most cost-effective method of document conversion today.

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